Home Decor Ideas for This Spooky Season

With this season comes one of the biggest celebrated holidays we have of the year- Halloween! Of course, the past two years have not allowed for trick or treating or showing off our costumes to neighbours and friends. But, this doesn't mean we shouldn't consider changing up our home decor a bit.

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After all, with half a year passing, you might be getting bored of the same wall decorations from the past five months. Now, before you search up any home interior designers near me on Google, there a some DIY projects you can do yourself to bring out the spirit of Autumn.

DIY Projects Inspired by Amazon Fall Ideas

Firefly Lights

For Christmas, we put up a lot of glittering lights to signal the holidays and reflect the joyful atmosphere of the season. Christmas lights come in all colours. But for our Autumn Firefly Lights, we can stick to yellow lights which look like fireflies from afar. We also won’t be hanging the lights, but we’ll be putting them in jars.

For this project, you’re going to need: yellow Christmas or Firefly lights, mason jars, extension cords, cutter.

You can line up your mason jars on a desk or the surface where you want to display them. That way, you won’t have to move them around too much later because the lights will be inside of them already.

Next, we’re going to take all the lids and create holes in them. To create the hole, we can try using a cutter. Make sure the hole is big enough for the lights to fit into. After cutting out the holes, place them back onto the jar and make sure they are sealed tightly.

Once this is done, we’re going to take our lights and start putting some of it into the first jar. After you’ve filled up the jar with a few bulbs, you can move on to the next jar. Of course, the lights will still be connected so just let the line hang in between the jars- this will add some enchantment to your decoration.

We repeat what we did to the first jar and fill it up with enough bulbs. We do this until all the jars are fill and we’ve used up most of the length of light that we have. Once that’s done, plug in your extension cord bring it near the jars so you can plug in the lights.

Watch as your mason jars light up like mini lanterns being powered by tiny fireflies!

Autumn Dream Catcher

Another creative and artful decor can be autumn-themed dream catchers. Dream catchers give a carefree, bohemian vibe to any home and creating one isn’t that hard. You can put them on your walls, on your doors or even hang them from your ceilings to ward off any bad dreams!

For this you’ll need the following:

  • thin wire
  • yarn
  • art paper
  • glitter
  • paint
  • glue
  • scissors/cutter


Design materials are really up to you. You can go crazy with the look of the dreamcatcher! Just remember you wanna stick to specific colour palettes to give the autumn vibe. These colours include orange, brown, and nice shades of yellow.

Start by taking your wire and creating a circular shape. This will create the outline for the dreamcatcher. It could be as big or small as you need, depending on where you want to place it.

You can then use the yarn to create a net for the dreamcatcher by twining it around the outline you’ve created. There are many patterns you can create with the net, and the design can be up to you as well. Another design tip is braiding the yarn. This makes the yarn thicker and gives texture to the dreamcatcher.

Once you’ve created a net that you’re satisfied with, you can proceed to creating the design. You can create hanging designs by using the art paper, or glitter. Cut rectangular pieces of paper and create a conical shape. Then use more yarn to hang the designs at the bottom of the dreamcatcher.

As an alternative, you can create tassels with the yarn. Just cut together equal lengths of yarn and glue the edges together to create a thick, triangular shape.

As a final touch you can put glitter on the net to make it shimmer. Just put some glue on the yarn, pour some glitter and let it dry.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Autumn is not only the season of spooks, it is also the season for Thanksgiving. And like Christmas, we can create an Autumn wreath to adorn our door.

We start by gathering the materials we’ll need:

  • orange, yellow and brown art paper
  • thin wire
  • foil
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • coloured pens
  • yarn
  • fake acorns

Take as much of the art paper as you can and cut large leaf shapes using the art paper. Once you have a sufficient amount of fake leaves, create the shape of the wreath with the thin wire. Like with the dreamcatcher, just twist the wire into a circular shape. One this is done, take some foil and wrap it around the outline. This will create a nice, thick base for the wreath. When you achieve the thickness that you’re satisfied with, start layering the leaves onto the outline.

When you are satisfied with the position of the leaves, you can glue the leaves in place. Make sure to alternate between the leaf colours to create a more textured look. Continue this process until you have a thick, colourful Autumn wreath.

For the final touches, take the acorns and glue them onto the wreath. If you’re feeling more extra, take your pens and extra orange art paper. Sketch out different versions of halloween pumpkins. Once you’re satisfied with the sketches, cut them out and hang them on the wreath with some yarn. And there you have it!

You now have a homemade Autumn wreath for your Thanksgiving celebration!

Autumn Rug or Pillowcases

If you want to go the extra mile this Autumn season, grab some sewing supplies ladies (and gentlemen!), and start creating unique, personalised autumn rugs and pillowcases. Create your own twist on designs inspired from Nest Home Decor.

Make sure you have your sewing shears, threads and cloth.

For a rugged, Halloween look, you can create a pillowcase or rug stitched from different colours of cloth. Anything in shades of orange and brown will do. The cloth can come from old clothes or sheets. Take some yellow or black thread and start putting together a patchwork of different cloths to create your rug or pillowcases.

If you want a more detailed rug or pillowcase, you might want to purchase new yards of cloth, some fabric paint and zippers.

Once you have this and your usual sewing materials, you can start measuring out the length of cloth you’ll need for the pillowcase or rug. Carefully cut the measured cloth and sew them together to create the pillowcase. Before closing the pillowcase or adding the zipper, you can start using your fabric paint for designs.

Some fabric paints come in tube with thin tips that help you control the amount of paint you squeeze onto the cloth. But, if you want to go into more detail or if you really have an artistic eye, you can grab your paintbrushes and paint a masterpiece onto your DIY pillowcase.

You can use themes of Halloween or Thanksgiving in your designs.

Another alternative is buying pre-designed pillowcases or plain pillowcases and just adding your own design once you have your purchase. This way, you won’t have to do too much sewing.

There are so many things you can do for your home this Autumn season. Despite the weather getting chilly, Autumn is still full of bright and vibrant colours. These will really make your home stand out and bring your home spaces to life. Thanksgiving and Halloween celebrations will also be more lively even if its just you and the family!

These ideas are also great for bonding experiences with the kids. They can express their creativity through various designs. Not only will this be an outlet for the children, but it will create diversity in the pieces you create.

Who wants to sit around and stare at the same, plain, monotonous walls during quarantine? No one! For more ideas on how to make your home less boring, browse through more of our articles or shops on ideas for home decor and improvement.


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