Setting Up A Small Wood Shop For Less Than $1000

Ever thought of having your very own workshop? Are you holding back due to the lack of available space or extra money? Now, you can have your own workshop  in small space even if you do not have a big budget with the "Ultimate Small Shop" guide.

Ever thought of having your very own wood shop? Are you holding back because you have a small space or small budget? Now, you can have your own wood shop in small space even if you do not have a big budget with the “Ultimate Small Shop” guide.

The following video is Andy’s personal review of Ultimate Small Shop

What makes Ultimate Small Shop the Best Guide for Setting up a Workshop?

It is a complete start to finish walkthrough on how you set up a workshop – from planning to optimization. This guide allows you to have a complete, functional, and feature-packed workshop for no more than $1000. It even comes with suggestions on where you can purchase the tools and equipment that you will need at the most affordable prices – with exact links on where to buy them and discounted suppliers lists.  Ralph also guides you on how you can maximize and optimize a small shop starting at 8’X8′.

The Ultimate Small Shop saves you from stress and worries about the following:

  • Insufficient space for a workshop
  • Lack of technical knowledge
  • Insufficient funds for putting up a workshop

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What can Ultimate Small Shop offer you?

  • The Lowest Prices for Your Tools
    You can opt to purchase tools and equipment from popular stores such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s and more but with Ralph’s Ultimate Small Shop  guide, you can get same tools and equipment at significantly lower prices. I found a Rigid table saw at a 65% discount from one of his sources.
  • Optimized Small Shop Layouts
    Ralph’s guide takes you through plenty of small shop layouts. You will learn tips on machine placement, the places to set up shop, the type of tools you need and many other factors. Ralph goes through every aspect of shop setup – being detailed and comprehensive without coming across as overwhelming. I think it is perfect for beginners who are trying to setup shop You will find the important and helpful knowledge that you need in putting up your own workshop in the Ultimate Small Shop such as the cost of putting up a woodwork workshop, the ideal size of workshop space, the tools that you will need in putting up your own workshop, tips on how to choose the right quality of tools and equipment, the factors that you need to consider in putting up and purchasing items for your workshop, and a lot more.
  • Ideas To Improve Your Workspace
    It contains quite a great deal on improving work flow and how to improve your workshop for efficient woodworking. It includes cost of shop improvements, shop hacks you can do quite cheaply for increase storage or efficiency. Ralph Chapman has almost three decades of professional experience in putting up and using a workshop and this shows from the tips that he has shared in the book.

Ralph’s book gets my highest recommendation for anyone who wants to set up shop easily and under budget.

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